Information Literacy within the Kennett Consolidated School District

The mission of the Kennett Consolidated School District’s (KCSD) information literacy program is to ensure that students and staff members are effective users of ideas and information, empowering them to become informed and responsible contributors to society.

The information literacy program within the KCSD provides all individuals with a process for learning that is transferable among content areas in an academic environment and the real world.

The Kennett Middle School Library Media Center supports the middle school curriculum and also provides students with individual choices and with an ability to explore beyond the prescribed course of study.

Our library provides a wide range of resources and information that satisfy the needs of teachers and students. Middle school students are encouraged to explore various topics of interest, expanding their imagination and developing an ability to think clearly, critically and creatively about the many subjects they are interested in.

In the research process at the middle school library, students develop skills they will need as adults to locate, evaluate, interpret and communicate information and ideas in an information-rich world.

The collection includes materials to meet the needs of all learners, gifted students as well as reluctant readers, the mentally, physically and emotionally impaired, as well as those from a diversity of backgrounds. The middle school library strives to maintain a print collection that represents various points of view on current and historical issues, our community’s multicultural diversity, as well as a wide variety of interests at each grade level.

The card catalog may be viewed from home and the research databases are accessed with KMS middle school passwords available at the library.

To access the online catalog please click below: