Animal-themed Art Show Winners


The Kennett Square Rotary Club held their First Annual Pet Fest at Anson Nixon Park on Saturday, May 21, 2016. Kennett Middle School students were the winners of many awards in the art show contest for their animal-themed masterpieces.

The winners of the People’s Choice Award with a prize of free Sky Zone passes were:

  • Adriana Santiago- 8th grade
  • Noemi Guzman Juarez- 7th grade

Th winners of free ice cream at La Michoacana are:

6th grade

  • Vivian Chiomento 1st place
  • Manny Mendiola-Ortiz- 2nd place
  • David Sampson- 3rd place

7th grade

  • Nick Patterson- 1st place
  • Edwin Leon-2nd place
  • Callista Sharp- 3rd place

8th grade

  • Mirca Ortiz Gonzales- 1st- place- 8th grade
  • Eric Herrera – 2nd place- 8th grade
  • Lauren Wilson- 3rd place- 8th grade

Congratulations to all who entered the contest and to the winners!

IMG_0025 IMG_0026 IMG_0027 IMG_0028 IMG_0029 IMG_0030 IMG_0031 IMG_0033 IMG_0035 IMG_0036 IMG_0037