Monday, June 13, 2016 – Announcements

Any student still interested in purchasing a yearbook should bring $33 to the main office to get a yearbook.

Attention 7th Grade Students.

Attention Mrs. Rosser’s 7th Grade Student’s.

TODAY for 8th Period report to B204.

Today for 8th Period report to MRS. Leo’s room.

The 2016 Blue Demon Basketball Camp is scheduled to run from Monday, June 27 through Thursday, June 30.
The deadline to register is Friday, June 24. To register, go to If you have any questions, please see Mr. Reggio.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016 – Announcements

Attention all students… On the following days: Thursday, June 9, Friday, June 10, Monday, June 1 please report to the main office for:

  • Late arrivals
  • Early dismissal notes
  • Absence notes
  • Reporting class attendance for substitutes

Book Love sign-ups are now available in the hallway across from the 8ht grade wing. Be sure to write legibly and to put your signed permission slip into the appropriate envelope. Any questions? Ask your language arts teacher.

Attention all girls who want to play lacrosse at KHS next year: Coach Watkins will be coming to KMS on Thursday 6/9 during your lunch. Please get your lunch and report to B-006, Ms. Maybray’s room.

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Field Day Fun

Thank you to our fantastic Physical Education Department for organizing three wonderful field days last week and this week!

Some of the fun new games for this year included Ski Races, Team Tic Tac Toe, Bull Rings, Team Charades, Star Wars Tag, and Minute-to-Win It Challenges. Below are some pictures from Seventh Grade Field Day. Click on one of the pictures to view them as a slideshow.

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Seventh Grade Applies Science Curriculum Through Stream Study Lab

This article was written by two talented seventh grade students, Gavin Maxwell and Colin Parnell.

Once again, Kennett Middle School’s seventh graders have had the exciting opportunity of participating in a stream study lab. This science lab allows students to learn about biology in a hands-on, real-world way by studying the Egypt Run Creek next to the middle school. The stream study lab, now 13 years old, has become an enjoyable tradition for students and teachers.

It all started in 2002 when the Kennett Middle School was moved to its present location in Landenberg. Once the school year had started, the science teachers were excited to use the Egypt Run Creek next to the building. They came up with the idea of the stream study lab, and it was a hit. The teachers then made three locations for the stream study – Headwaters, Rascal Flatts, and Gotcha Gully.

“The field labs were fun and engaging. It was an excellent incorporation of the seventh grade curriculum. It was a great experience to get out of the classroom and do something outside,” says student Ian Schut.

This year the Innovative Technology in Science Inquiry (ITSI) asked Kennett Middle School, along with two other schools, to let students try to complete their stream study lab packets. Since the lab takes all five days of the school week to complete, each teacher’s science classes do the stream study during different weeks. This year, Mr. Bowling’s science classes went first and were followed by Mrs. Leo’s classes and then Mrs. Coe’s classes. For the first few days of the lab, students found and recorded information about the stream’s acidity, amount of nitrate and phosphate, and dissolved oxygen levels. The classes also do a BOD test, Coliform test, a pH test and a turbidity test. They also analyzed what environmental factors may have affected these statistics and how related problems might be solved. While providing students with an interesting topic to learn about, this also gave students a chance to explore future career opportunities.

After the classes were done recording the information they found on the ITSI website, the classes did an activity called Critter Collection. In this part of the stream study, students worked in pairs to search for whatever animals they could find in the stream. Some of the critters found included salamanders, frogs, and several kinds of flies. Once they found an animal, students used paint brushes to pick it up and place it in a water-filled cup, where they could easily and safely identify it. At the end of class, students discussed which animals they had found and recorded the information.

“A lot of kids do not spend time outside in the woods. Most kids really enjoy the outdoor experience and remember it for years” states seventh grade Science teacher Mr. Tony Bowling. The seventh grade stream study is definitely an experience that younger Kennett students can look forward to. As unique, supplementary, and engaging as it is, teachers hope to continue doing this cherished science lab.

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International Day Opens Eyes and Minds

This article was written by an awesome sixth grade student, Alexandra Barron.

On the afternoon of the 18th of May, sixth grade students at Kennett Middle School participated in an event: International Day. These students had the opportunity to learn about numerous countries, taught to them by not just anyone, but the school’s proud parents, along with volunteers from the community and different corporations. To further celebrate the event, students received free International Day t-shirts, supplied by Hendrix Orthodontics.

The intriguing and informative event has been going on for six years at Kennett Middle School according to sixth grade social studies teacher Mr. Steve Finegan, and it is popular among teachers, students, and presenters alike. Mr. Finegan, the coordinator, explains that he got the idea from a class that he took at West Chester University, saying, “The class was about designing something innovative… that can be sustained… and putting together a project… that will incorporate a whole grade level.” So, the experience is important for students to expand their knowledge on or be introduced to many cultures.

For Milena Tresoldi, this year was her second time teaching about Italy at Kennett Middle School’s International Day. In heavily accented English, she gave the explanation, “I am happy and proud to represent Italy … It is a great country.” Her children, Anna and Luca, are sixth grade students at the school, and just two of the many students from different countries and cultures that Kennett Middle School is proud to have. Each 20 minute presentation was unique. Some included PowerPoints, some posters, and some a combination of both. In one presentation, students enjoyed the South African dessert, Melktert. In another, they were shown a Chinese calendar and traditional Chinese clothes the presenter’s child wore as a baby. The different styles of presenters and presentations became more varied as the event progressed, and so it was made even more interesting. Regardless of the style, though, it was clear that each presenter put a tremendous amount of effort and time into providing the students with a learning experience that shows how much they love their countries.

At Kennett Middle School, International Day was an important day, in which students had the privilege of being exposed to and taught about the different cultures surrounding them. When asked why she enjoyed it, sixth grade student Ashley Brown agreed, saying, “So many people from different cultures were talking about their countries… I didn’t know Kennett Middle School was so diverse.”

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Friday, June 3, 2016

Thank you to our PE teachers and all the teachers and parents who helped make field day awesome for 8th grade yesterday. Thank you also to the 8th graders for your amazing participation and having so much fun at an amazing day.

Sports physicals will be offered at Kennett Middle School on June 7 & 9 for students entering 7th and 8th grade who plan to try out for cheerleading or ANY sport next year. If students plan to have a physical done in school, the absolute deadline to return consent forms is Friday, June 3rd.

PIAA Sports packets are available in the nurse’s office and outside of the main office.

Please see Mrs. Shannon if you have any questions.

Book Love sign-ups are now available in the hallway across from the 8ht grade wing. Be sure to write legibly and to put your signed permission slip into the appropriate envelope. Any questions? Ask your language arts teacher.

Just a reminder that we in need of snacks for homeless shelters around the Kennett Square area. We ask all students to please bring at least one snack and drop it off in one of the bins at the front of one of the wings.

Attention 8th grade students. Anyone who may be interested in learning the Lighting System for the High School for next year please see Mrs. Coe in the cafeteria during 8th grade lunch today. In the High School, the Lighting crew is not just involved with the musical, you would be helping during assemblies, concerts, and after school events all year. If you are interested, see Mrs. Coe at lunch today!

Thank you to the sixth graders for the money raised during the Walk for Water. We have a correction about the total. The Sixth grade raised $876 for this cause. Great job sixth grade!

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Sixth Grade Walks for Water

On Wednesday, May 25, sixth grade students in all social studies classes participated in a Walk for Water relay to raise awareness of the millions of people in developing nations who have to walk for miles every day to get access to clean water. Students worked together in teams of 4. Teams were responsible for carrying two gallons of water. Each student walked with a gallon of water for a specific distance (approximately 1/2 of a mile) around the field in the back of the school. This fun and memorable activity helped to demonstrate how basic necessities that we take for granted can be a challenging task in developing countries.

In addition to the walk, students raised money to donate to Charity: Water ( This charity builds sustainable wells in developing countries where people have no access to clean water. Each student was asked to bring in a minimum donation of $1. Our sixth grade goal was $350 and we ended up raising over $800! Great job, sixth grade!

Pictures coming soon!

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June 1, 2016 – Announcements

The final yearbook meeting of the year will be held TODAY. Please make sure you have a ride for 3:45pm pick up.

The yearbook meeting TODAY and will go until 3:45. We will organize the books and plan for next year.

Questions? See Mrs. Donovan in A101

Book Love sign-ups are now available in the hallway across from the 8ht grade wing. Be sure to write legibly and to put your signed permission slip into the appropriate envelope. Any questions? Ask your language arts teacher.

Just a reminder that we in need of snacks for homeless shelters around the Kennett Square area. We ask all students to please bring at least one snack and drop it off in one of the bins at the front of one of the wings.

*snacks include pretzels, popcorn, fruit snacks, crackers, granola bars, snack bags of gold fish or chips, apple sauce exc.

7th Grade Chorus rehearsals are today. Period 4 classes will meet during periods 3&4, period 5 classes will meet during periods 5&6. Both rehearsals are in the small gym.

Tonight is the 6th Grade Chorus Concert. Treble Choir should report to the stage at 6 pm for rehearsal. All 6th Grade singers should report to the cafeteria by 6:15 pm. Please see Mrs. Mancuso with any questions.

Reminder for all students to look in your closets and donate some clothes to our WINGS FOR SUCCESS clothing drive. Professional women’s attire should be dropped off in the bin labeled Wings for Success in the main office. The clothing will be delivered to the agency on Friday, June 3rd from 2-3:30 pm.

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