Sixth Grade Walks for Water

On Wednesday, May 25, sixth grade students in all social studies classes participated in a Walk for Water relay to raise awareness of the millions of people in developing nations who have to walk for miles every day to get access to clean water. Students worked together in teams of 4. Teams were responsible for carrying two gallons of water. Each student walked with a gallon of water for a specific distance (approximately 1/2 of a mile) around the field in the back of the school. This fun and memorable activity helped to demonstrate how basic necessities that we take for granted can be a challenging task in developing countries.

In addition to the walk, students raised money to donate to Charity: Water ( This charity builds sustainable wells in developing countries where people have no access to clean water. Each student was asked to bring in a minimum donation of $1. Our sixth grade goal was $350 and we ended up raising over $800! Great job, sixth grade!

Pictures coming soon!