Advisory Program LEAD Continues to Flourish at KMS

LEAD is a mentoring program that was started in 2013 at Kennett Middle School. LEAD stands for Listen, Encourage, Advise, and Discuss. The two goals of LEAD are to build positive relationships and to foster academic success.

All students at Kennett Middle School are assigned to a LEAD teacher. This teacher has regular contact with the student and his or her parents about the student’s academic, social, and emotional progress throughout the year. In most cases, LEAD teachers are the students’ conference teachers for Fall and Spring Conferences. These teachers may also may facilitate informal conferences with students and parents throughout the year.

LEAD is an advisory period that occurs during the school day. Twice a month on Tuesdays, LEAD occurs during a period of the day that rotates each month. On our first LEAD of the year, Tuesday, September 27, 2016, all students and teachers reported to their LEAD classrooms. Teachers receive a lesson plan that they deliver to the students. The theme of the first LEAD was Team Building!

In accordance with the District initiative, SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol), the lessons include both content and language objectives. The content objective for the lesson was “Students will be able to comprehend the purpose of and goals of LEAD (foster academic success and build positive relationships)” and the language objectives were “Students will be able to list and analyze their grades on the LEAD Grade Progress Chart using Skyward, to memorize the names of all LEAD group members by completing a teacher-led name game activity, and to create a LEAD banner using the template provided to represent the group.”

Each LEAD period, students chart their current grades and look for patterns, increases, and/or decreases. Their LEAD teacher helps the student to make a plan for improvement and/or celebrates their successes. LEAD teachers are also a sounding board for students who are struggling in a particular class or subject and can help them problem-solve a solution.

After the students analyze their grades, the LEAD lesson is delivered. Each month has a particular theme. The themes for 2016-2017 are September: Team Building; October: Personal Responsibility; November: Respect/Preparing for Fall Conferences; December: Integrity; January: Dedication; February: Bullying; March: Preparing for Spring Conferences and PSSA; April: Excellence; and May: Goal Setting & Reflection. The themes are chosen by the LEAD Committee and are based on need at that particular time of year and on our positive behavior system, Kennett PRIDE (P = Personal Responsibility, R = Respect, I = Integrity, D = Dedication, E = Excellence). Throughout the year, students will complete interactive activities led by their LEAD teacher on the aforementioned topics.

Students, teachers, and parents have come to look forward to LEAD each year and we hope to continue to develop and improve this worthwhile and engaging program!