Wednesday, December 30, 2016 Day 2

Attention all students who have Mrs. Wesselman: Class will be held in the library classroom today.

Tis the season to be thankful and extend ourselves to those less fortunate. Each grade is preparing for this years adopt a family fundraisers. Make sure you remember your donations that go to this very good cause! How else can you support those in need? You can bring a new toy in and donate it to Toys for Tots. The main office has a collection box.

Please enjoy this 6th grade video.

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) will be having its next huddle this Thurs, Dec 1 @ 6:50AM. We will meet in Mr. Bowling’s room, B104. Please try to be on time. Breakfast will be served! This week’s talk will be student-led – discussing a topic that most middle schoolers can relate to. Bring a friend! We invite all KMS students to come and check it out!! Please see Emma Schmidt and Kayleigh Zubrod with any questions about what FCA is.

Here is the 7th grade video describing the adopt a family fundraiser.

Please stay tuned for a video for the 8th grade adopt a family video.

This Friday the KMS PTO is hosting the December DANCE. That’s this Friday, December 2nd, from 7-9 at the Kennett Middle School. Hard to believe it is time for our second dance of the year

Please stay tuned for Which State Is It Wednesday.  Alaska

(Have a great day KMS.)