Wednesday, January 25, 2017 Day 4

Reminder to all Power Hour students… Power Hour will be every Tuesday and Thursday for the next eight weeks and starts on Tuesday, January 24 right after school. Report directly to the cafeteria after school, check in with After the Bell, eat your snack, and wait for your teachers to arrive. The sixth grade Power Hour teachers are Ms. Gottstein and Mrs. McGarvey, the seventh grade Power Hour teachers are Ms. Conner and Mrs. Bujak, and the eighth grade Power Hour teachers are Ms. McKenzie and Mrs. Wolfe. If you have any questions, please see Ms. Levi in the office. If you cannot make a day of Power Hour, you need to turn in a signed note from your parents to the After the Bell office or Ms. Levi. We are excited to begin Power Hour and we have more spots if anyone is still interested!

Reminder that FCA will meet tomorrow morning at 6:50 am in mr Bowling’s room.  We have a guest speaker coming with a very inspiring message. You won’t want to miss him!!  Breakfast will be served. Grab a friend and see you tomorrow morning.

This is a reminder for all student taking the ACCESS test, today Wednesday January 25th you will report to the small gym after breakfast.

For the rest of KMS students, ACCESS testing is just like PSSA except for English Language Learners. THey are testing in the small gym and library Tuesday and Wednesday. We must be silent in the hallways in those areas. Students traveling to the F wing especially to Mr. Malkasians class, Ms. Shumways class, and the girls locker room please come down the main hallway by the office and then down the F wing so we can keep the halls quiet. We want you to come down past the office.

Students, there is no work Wednesday session after school today. Students should go home on the bus. Again, No work Wednesday.

Wednesday February 1st we are hosting a night at the Liberty Marketplace. This is supporting Jeff Hostetter who was our security officer. Mr. Hostetter had to stop working because he has a terrible eye disease that is causing him to go blind. Proceeds from purchase 5 to 8 Feb 1st will go to support he and his wife.

Teachers and students remember there will be no bells this morning as to not interrupt the students testing. THey will be turned on for the afternoon.

Please stay tuned for Which State Is It Wednesday.

(Have a great day KMS.)