Monday, January 30, 2017 Day 1

Who wants to be a YouTube sensation? The Walnut Street Theater is searching for student – written and directed short films that address “fitting in” during Middle School as well as an appropriate use of social media to help maintain healthy friendships. If interested, please sign up outside of the guidance office. Underneath the viral video contest form.

FCA will meet again this Thursday, Feb 2 @ 6:50 am in Mr Bowlings room. Breakfast will be served. Bring a friend and come check it out!

Attention students, The teachers of New Garden Elementary have challenged the teachers of Greenwood to a faulty basketball game. This game is being held in the KMS gym on Thursday, February 2nd the game start at 6:00 PM. You can purchase tickets at the door starting at 5. Which teachers team will win?

The night before that basketball game Wednesday February 1st we are hosting a night at the Liberty Marketplace. This is supporting Jeff Hostetter who was our security officer. Mr. Hostetter had to stop working because he has a terrible eye disease that is causing him to go blind. 15% of purchases from 5 to 8 Feb 1st will go to support he and his wife. Also there will be two consultants, LulaRoe and Stella and Dot, who will also be giving back a percentage of their sales. I have set a goal of $500 but we need everyone to come to meet that goal! Let’s do our best to help Mr. Hostetter…..

Over the last three months – 5 KMS students have been working on a documentary titled “What’s So Cool about Manufacturing.” On Friday, they submitted their final cut to the judges. Over the course of the next few weeks Judges from around Chester County will vote on each documentary, then voting will be opened up to the general public on February 27th. Although voting won’t open up for a while, we wanted to show you their incredible hard work. Stay tuned for a documentary produced by your fellow KMS Students.

(Have a great day KMS.)