Thursday, March 30, 2017 Day 5

8th Grade, Don’t forget: This Friday is the deadline to make changes to your high school elective course requests. If you have questions, please stop by the Counseling Office to see Mrs. Stoudemire.

Attention Reading Olympics students. There will be no meetings at lunches this Thursday, March 30th. Our next lunch meetings will be on Wednesday, April 5th. Thank You.

8th Grade students, Technical High School Permission Slip Due: April 3rd – you don’t need money for this trip, please just be sure to turn in the permission slip asasp.

Here is the last request for the 8th grade. You are especially busy! The Permission slip along with $45 for the Eighth Grade Class Trip to Greater Valley Forge Picnic and Sport Complex is due by April 18th.

The Dental Hygienist will be doing dental exams in the nurses office today for 205 students in 7th grade whose last name begins with A through R who have not already provided a report from their private dentist.

Students with last name S through Z will have their teeth checked next Friday, April 7th if they have not provided a report from their private dentist.

Passes should be given to these students during homeroom. The exam is very brief so be sure to arrive promptly in the nurse’s office for your scheduled dental exam.

Please stay tuned for This Day in History.

(Have a great day KMS)