KMS #ALLin Events

The Kennett PRIDE Committee, Kennett Middle School Team Leaders, and the KMS Principals have collaborated to develop a new initiative which we will call our #ALLin Events. Three areas of common concern among middle school students are Attendance, Learning, & Laws. The #ALLin events serve to address these three areas and increase student accountability and resilience.

Starting this marking period, Kennett Middle School will challenge all students to meet criteria for Attendance, Learning, and Laws. The attendance criteria requires that students have zero unexcused absences or tardies. The learning criteria requires students to have all of their grades above C-. Lastly, the laws criteria requires that students avoid behavior infractions. Students will be given #ALLin status updates in LEAD that inform them whether or not they are meeting the above criteria midway through the 4th marking period. For students that are meeting all three (3) criteria, they will be considered #ALLin, and must maintain that status until the end of the marking period. Students who are not currently meeting all three (3) criteria will not be considered #ALLin. However, all students who are not #ALLin have an opportunity to climb out of the “out” status and into the “in” status.

Students who miss the attendance criteria should submit signed absence and tardy notes to the attendance window in a timely manner. Students who miss the learning criteria should meet with their teacher(s) and develop a plan to improve their grade. Students who miss the laws criteria must complete an extensive behavior reflection form and have it signed by their principal, counselor, teacher, and parent(s).

At the end of the 4th marking period, we will determine which students have met all three (3) criteria for our #ALLin events. Those students who meet all three (3) criteria will be considered #ALLin. Students who do not meet all three (3) criteria will not be considered #ALLin. The first # ALLin event that KMS will host will be this year’s Field Day. In order to attend this year’s Field Day, a student must be #ALLin. If a student is not #ALLin, he or she will remain inside of the building during Field Day to complete missing work. Again, the #ALLin events serve to address the areas of Attendance, Learning, and Laws, and aim to increase student accountability and resilience. If you have questions, please call 610-268-5800.