Monday, January 22, 2018 Day 5

Good Morning, KMS

On Monday 1/22 and Tuesday 1/23 all students who are in English Language Development class will be taking a major assessment in the small gym. If you have class near the small gym, we need you to be respectful of those students by keeping silent in the halls and not disturbing their testing environment. Please use the F wing to access classes in the F wing and the locker rooms, not the hallway outside of the library. The library and library classroom are closed those days due to testing and there will also be no bells on during the morning.

To all ELD students who are taking the test, please report directly to the small gym on Monday and Tuesday morning, do not go to homeroom. You may quickly go to breakfast and then come to the small gym.

Thank you and good luck to those students

January 23 the winter after the bell session begins. That is tomorrow!

The second marking period comes to an end this Wednesday. Make sure you have all your assignments turned in.

There will be a yearbook meeting tomorrow, Tuesday January, 23 in Mrs. Lozada’s room, B001, until 3:30. Please make plans to attend.