Assistant Principal Goes from Ms. Levi to Mrs. Austin

It’s a rare thing to enjoy the people you see every day at work, let alone love them. But Kennett Middle School’s assistant principal Brenna Levi, now Mrs. Brenna Austin, loves her Kennett family so much that she had two of them officiate her wedding!

On December 30, 2017, Mrs. Austin married her husband, Mr. Kevin Austin, at the Mendenhall Inn in Kennett Square. Her colleagues, Kennett Middle School principal Mr. Lorenzo DeAngelis and assistant principal Mr. Jake Moore served as the officiants, as well as groomsmen, for the big day.

“They are the best coworkers and two of my best friends,” said Mrs. Austin. “They wrote a very personal, creative, and memorable ceremony.”

Mrs. Austin has been a part of the Kennett Middle School family since 2003, when she began as a Spanish teacher. She became an assistant principal in 2015. She has formed close relationships with many staff members, and approximately 30 current and former Kennett staff attended the ceremony. Kennett parent and former school board member Mrs. Heather Schaen served as photographer for the day.

“It will be a strange and new transition to go from Ms. Levi, which so many students and parents know me by, to Mrs. Austin, but it’s so exciting,” said Mrs. Austin. “One of the best parts was having my Kennett family be part of the day.”