Friday, March 9, 2018 Day 6

The state of PA requires Dental Exams for all 7th grade students. Our School Dental Hygienist will be doing dental exams for 124 students in 7th grade who have not already provided a report from their private dentist.

Passes will be given on FRIDAY during homeroom. Students should arrive promptly at the designated time to have their teeth checked in the nurse’s office.

For those 8th grade students who are not taking a computer class this year please see your homeroom teacher for a pass to go to C108 during 3rd or 4th period to select your electives for next year. Thank you.

Attention teachers and students, LEAD for this coming Tuesday has been canceled. We will not have LEAD on Tuesday March 13th. Students remember that your conference confirmation letters were due back to your LEAD teacher on that day. Please make sure you get those paper to your teachers. You have a more important job now that we do not have LEAD.

6th grade students and teachers enjoy your trip to KHS to see Fiddler on the Roof.

7th and 8th grade students we will see you in the bigh gym during 8th and 9th period to recognize you for your fall and winter sports.

Attention KMS Baseball players – Tryouts start on Tuesday, March 13th. The 7th grade will be taking a bus to the KAU Shed after school and will need to be picked up there at 5:00. 8th Graders will be using the small gym and will also need to be picked up at 5. On Wednesday, the teams will share the gym. Your coaches will keep you informed for activities for the rest of next week.

Attention all girls trying out for lacrosse.

There will be no practice today. Please plan on attending this coming Monday for our final day of tryouts.


The first track practice will be held on Monday after school at Kennett Middle School. Pick up will be at 4:30. Please make sure you have your participation fee and Physical turned in. Any questions -contact Hannah

Please hang in for Flocabulary on a Friday!