Thursday, May 24, 2018 Day 5

We have some good news to report. This year will be our 4th year of Walk for Water. Two years ago, KMS and the 6th grade decided to make this event a charity walk to raise fund for Charity:Water. Current 8th grade student who were in 6th grade then donated at least a dollar and we ended up with a total of $880. Charity:Water builds sustainable wells in areas where people don’t have access to clean water – 663 million people fall into that category. It takes approximately 21 months on average to see exactly where the donation ends up. Mr. Finnegan just got word that the money was used to build a well in Mozambique. We should be getting a final notification that tells us the GPS coordinates and a picture of the well in early summer. Additionally, current 7th grade students who raised similar funds last year have been notified that their funds were sent to Mozambique as well. Congratulations KMS. Way to show your Kennett PRIDE!

Continuing today and tomorrow we will have the 5th graders visiting from each Elementary school. Be sure to show your Kennett Pride.

If you were one of the 8th graders that was invited to visit your Elementary School in June, please be sure to turn in your signed permission slip to Mrs. Krieger in the Guidance Office. The deadline is tomorrow, Friday, May 25th. Thank you.

Any 8th grade student interested in trying out for the Kennett High School Golf Team, please sign-up in the main office. Sign-ups will run through today. More information and a meeting as to the upcoming season will follow from Coach Schultz.

6th and 7th grade boys & girls who plan to try out for ANY sport at KMS next year.

Sports physicals will be done at KMS this Thursday and June 1, 4 and 5. They will NOT be offered again next year.

Mrs. Shannon has only received PIAA forms for 12 students! If you plan to try out for sports or cheerleading next year and want your physical done at school, please return the consent forms to Mrs. Shannon by Friday.

Consent forms must be returned directly to the nurse if you plan to have a physical done at school. Deadline for

returned consents is May 29th

Physical Exams will be done in the nurse’s office today between 8:15 – 12:30.

Passes will be distributed during first period and students should arrive promptly in the nurse’s office for your scheduled time. If it interferes with a test, please reschedule your time with Mrs. Shannon.

Other students should only visit the nurse between 8:15 – 12:30 for schedule medications, schedule procedures or significant illness.

End-of-the-year awards are just around the corner, and the 25 students in each grade who have earned the most Kennett Square‘s will be recognized as the pride student of the year. Tomorrow, Friday, May 25, will be a power up day, which means every Kennett Square earned is worth double. Be on your best behavior today and tomorrow and try and earn a power up Square before the end of the year awards are decided. Good luck and show your Kennett pride!

Have a Great Day KMS!