Tuesday, November 27, 2018 Day 1

Don’t Forget, Student Council will be hosting a canned food drive throughout the month of November to benefit the Kennett Food Cupboard. Please place canned food donations in the large cardboard boxes at the end of each wing and help us fight hunger by increasing the food supply of those in need. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT!

The yearbook meeting scheduled for today will be postponed until tomorrow, Wednesday November 28th, until 3:30. Mrs. Lozada’s is out sick.

Here is a reminder, it’s almost progress report time. Next week on Wednesday, December 5th starts the second half of this marking. You will get your progress report to take home.

What’s so cool about manufacturing students, if you have not turned in your permission slip for the trip tomorrow, please do so today. Additionally, you will be dismissed tomorrow over the loudspeaker. Go to your first period class as scheduled and wait for dismissal. These students must come to the TV studio right now to get an additional permission slip.

Have a great day KMS