Monday, January 28, 2018 Day 1

Here are some tips to stay healthy during this time of flu season.

Frequent hand-washing is one of the simplest — and most effective — ways to prevent the spread of germs. We suggest soaping up for as long as it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice. Remember to wash your hands:

Before eating food

After using the bathroom

After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing

Common sense can go a long way toward staying healthy in school. In addition to frequent hand-washing, you should

  • Use hand sanitizer.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze.Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Steer clear of colds.

Attention What So Cool About Manufacturing students, please meet in Mr. Malkasian’s room, F111, this afternoon at Lunch. There will be a quick meeting to discuss the final details of our editing.

There will be Reading Olympics Meetings at all lunches on Wednesday January 30th. Please plan on attending so we can choose team names and order tee shirts.

Congratulations go out to our KMS wrestlers.

This past Saturday the team participated in the County Challenge which is the county championship wrestling meet.

For the very first time, at the end of the meet, Kennett Middle School team placed in the top five; we placed 4th.

Everyone wrestled hard, did well and contributed to the team’s success.​

Taking home FIRST place finishes were: Josh Barlow, Joey Wuchter and Bailey Shindle.

Ethan Wentzel placed SECOND

while John Pardo and Ryan King brought home THIRD place finishes.

Way to go KMS wrestlers!!

Have a great day KMS.