Thursday, March 14, 2019 Day 5

Join the KMS Penny War! Starting next week on Monday, each grade will compete to see who can fill their jug with the most pennies. The team with the most pennies wins! HOWEVER…… To make things a bit more fun, the you can sabotage the jars of the other grades! This is done by adding coins other than pennies into the jars which will score negatively. For example, 10 pennies in one team’s jar can be wiped out by the addition of a dime by another team. At the end of the week, all change/points will be tallied and the grade with the most points will win a night with NO HOMEWORK!

(Pause for video)

Remember that next week Wednesday Thursday, and Friday are half days with conferences. Students, make arrangements to come to the conference with your family. We love celebrating you!

The first track practice we will meet outside by the tree on today and Friday and also finish at 4 . We will stay at KMS the first week and second week. If there are any questions feel free to email Coach Hannah at

Have a great day KMS.