Friday, March 15, 2019 Day 6

Don’t forget to bring in your spare change on Monday for the KMS Penny War! Here’s how it works: • Containers will be located outside the cafeteria • Pennies and paper money count as positive points for YOUR grade. • Silver coins count as negative points for OTHER grades. In other words, dropping a quarter in another grade’s container takes 25 points from their total! • At the end of next week, all change will be tallied and the grade with the most points will win a night with no homework! The teachers for that grade will pick the day. Start saving your change—it can make a big difference!

(Pause for video)

Remember that next week Wednesday Thursday, and Friday are half days with conferences. Students, make arrangements to come to the conference with your family. We love celebrating you!

“Attention Reading Olympics participants: Please pick up your tee-shirt in the library today. Please wear your shirt to school on Monday. Go teams!”

Have a great day KMS.