Wednesday, June 12, 2019 LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Mr. Reggio would like to thank all of the 6th graders who donated their time last Thursday to make the 13th annual World Community Service Car Wash a success. $481 dollars was raised for the Big 5 Charities that support organizations and people all over the world. If you participated in the car wash, please meet Mr. Reggio after announcements in front of the cafeteria to take a group photo. Thank you!

If you had Mrs. Roten for WIN, come pick up your Posters. Again, Posters from Mrs. Roten’s WIN must be picked up today. Your posters from Mrs. Roten WIN class must be pick up now. Like right NOW. NOW! NOW!

We will be called to the assembly by floors around 8:15 towards the end of 1st period. Remember that today is a day to celebrate great things students have done this year. Be sure to clap with genuine enthusiasm and show your best Kennett Pride. We will have many guests in the building.

Attention all 6th and 7th graders: if you are interested in being a tour guide for the new student orientation taking place in August, please sign up with one of the Student Council Advisors: Mrs. Clapp (D113), Mrs. Bevan (A205) or Mrs. MacNamara (A103) before the end of the school year.

Attention all current 6th and 7th graders- a new coding and programming opportunity is coming your way! This Fall our school will be starting a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) club. Our student teams will have the option to build a robot from a more technical kit and compete at the season-end competition in Philadelphia. If you’re looking to join a team this fall and get an introduction to programming and an advancement into what the High School robotics team gets to work on – then this club is for you! Please come see Mrs. Bonacquisti during your lunch today to sign up for the informational emails that will be sent throughout the summer. Our first meeting will be held in early September!

Have a great day KMS!