Tuesday, September 10, 2019 Day 5

Attention KMS 7th and 8th grade students. If you borrowed summer reading books last June, and have not yet returned them, they are now over 1 week overdue. These books MUST be returned immediately. and you MUST see Ms. McGarvey or Mrs. Knox in the Library TODAY, to discuss a plan for their return.

Thank you.

PE classes for today (day 2-5) should report to the big GYM. Today we are handing out locks, you must bring your agenda books to the gym with you. Regular PE classes start tomorrow. Make sure you bring your PE clothes and always bring your agenda book so you have your locker information.

Girls Take Charge Summer Leadership Camp recipients,

If you attended or were invited to attend the Villanova or Penn State Leadership Camp this past summer, please see Mrs. Reinheimer following morning announcements to pick up your reunion information! Our get-together event is this Saturday at Kennett High School. A special prize awaits the first lady to arrive after announcements! Can’t wait to see you all there. We’ve got lots of fun activities planned!

Hi students, Many KMS students have submitted their signed Bingo Bored to the office. If you have completed some or all of the Bingo Bored this past summer, please submit it to Ms. Vicki in the office. Thank you.

KMS is proud to announce the debut of our brand new Giving Garden. Today we will begin working to build raised garden beds which we will immediately fill with seeds and vegetable plants. In our garden we will grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year which will be donated to Kennett families in need.

So how can YOU help? You could enroll in After the Bell’s gardening session on Tuesdays after school. You can check out our social media pages where you can find info on how to donate supplies for our garden. Materials will be collected at Back to School Night on September 12. We’ll also be using our social media to sign-up volunteers for upcoming garden events.

After the Bell registration starts today! There are so many fun opportunities just for you so make sure you get signed up.

Have a great day KMS!