Monday, October 7, 2019 Day 5

The school store will be open for 7th and 8th grade lunches every Tuesday and during 6th grade lunch every Thursday. The school store sells school supplies and spirit wear. You can bring cash or checks made out to KMS. If you would like to go to the school store during your lunch time, tell an adult and sign out. Come and check it out!

Students, remember next Wednesday we do not have school. The day off is to observe Yom Kippur.

There will be a Community Flu Vaccine Clinic held at the Kennett High School Cafeteria located at 100 East South Street in Kennett Square on Thursday, October 10 from 2:40 –6:30 PM. Seasonal flu vaccines will be administered at no cost to Kennett Students and their families, Staff, or Members of the Community as long as you bring your insurance card. Vaccines are free if you have no insurance. There is no pre-registration necessary and all members of the Kennett community are welcome. High school students do not need a parent in attendance as long as the consent is completely filled out and signed by a parent/guardian. Consents are available on the website in English and Spanish and will also be available at the Clinic. Remember to bring your insurance card!

The 8th grade girls soccer team lost a tough game to Great Valley on Friday. Goalie Niayja Brooks made several key saves to keep the game close. Also playing strong defense for Kennett were Brooke Sutton, Katie Gibson, Jarleny Aguilar, and Melanie Castro. The next girls soccer game is Tuesday, October 8th home against North Brandywine.

A reminder to all girls soccer players, make sure you get your clothing orders turned in to Coach Saikin immediately.

Attention all girls soccer players. Practice today is cancelled. Again, there is no girls soccer practice today.

7th grade Volleyball News: Captains Hailey Kahrs and Alison Geary lead the 7th grade volleyball team to a victory over Stetson on Friday.

Defense moves by Gracia Bedolla Almanza, Princess Mendoza, Ella Kochendofer, and Sara Simmons keep the team in the game. Fast moves by Rebecca Baldwin, Avery Burnham, Bridget McManamon, Sarah Mullins, Ella Sheehan, and Jenna Phillips brought home the win.

Congratulations girls.

Now over to Ms. Davis with an announcement.

Have a great day KMS!!

Good morning KMS- It’s time for Mindful Monday. What IS mindfulness? It is the act of being in the HERE and NOW or in the current/present moment.

Keeping your mind in the past or future can be distracting and/or stressful. Worrying about something that has already happened keeps our mind in the past. Worrying about what might happen or “what if”, keeps our mind in the future. Learning to be in the moment or HERE and now can help reduce our stress and help you focus.

Let’s try a mindful practice now called 3×3

It works by being aware of your surroundings and noticing:

3 things you hear (someone moving, air blowing, someone talking)

3 things you feel (soft fabric, warm hands, hard floor)

3 things you see (notice colors, shapes, something hanging on the wall)

Practice this anytime you want to improve your focus or reduce a stressful feeling.

In addition to Mindful Mondays, KMS students will now have the opportunity to become more mindful during their school days. KMS is offering a Mindfulness for Middle Schoolers Workshop, an 8 week, Stress Reduction Series. This Mindfulness series may help increase your focus and attention, help you respond versus react to situations, center and calm yourself, and also help you communicate better with your friends, family, and teachers. Overall, it just might help you stress less!

If you’re interested, please sign up in the Counseling Department office. Once signed up, your school counselor will reach out to you with more information. Hope you all consider signing up for this worthy series!

Take care and peace out KMS!