Thursday, February 20, 2020 Day 5

Attention all problem-solvers! The last week of February in the STEM world is dedicated to National Engineers Week! To celebrate, local sponsors such as Chemours and the University of Delaware are hosting a STEM Day and inviting YOU to join for an event filled with hands-on activities. The event will be held on Saturday, February 22nd at Patton Middle School. All are welcome to join – Be A Pioneer of Progress!

We had LEAD yesterday. Make sure you dig out your conference papers to finish coordinating your conference times.

Attention all Treble Choir members – the day of our Temple University field trip is finally here!

When the bell rings after the 4th period, gather all of your belongings, bring any bags that need to be locked up overnight to the band room, quickly use the restroom and then report immediately to the main lobby. We need to try to be on busses by 10:45. If you have any concerns or problems related to today’s trip, see Mrs. Mancuso during homeroom. Teachers, positive attendance has been entered.

Today in the cafeteria, students will sample new menu items! Taste and decide to love it or lose it! We will call up tables three at a time.

The foods that are available to sample today are Curry chicken with a side of rice and Italian sausage flatbread with a side of cucumbers and tomato salad.

The winning recipe gets added to our menu.

Even though the U.S. banned the importation of the enslaved from Africa in 1808, the high demand for slave labor from the booming cotton trade encouraged Alabama plantation owners like Timothy Meaher (ME-HER) to risk illegal slave runs to Africa. In 1859 Meaher (ME-HER) ordered the sailing of the Clotilda (CLO-TILDA). The Clotilda (CLO-TILDA) is known to be the last ship to bring slaves into the US. It landed in Mobile (MO-BEAL), Alabama in 1860 with 109 Africans.

Have a great day KMS