Tuesday, February 25, 2020 Day 2

March is Youth Art Month- Help the Art Department kick off the celebrations by attending Kennett Middle School’s – IMAGINE BRANDYWINE STUDENT ART EXHIBIT Votes for Women.

Our students’ opening reception is Sunday, March 1, 2020, 2:30 to 3:30

Come and enjoy light refreshments and a special musical performance by “Kennett High School String Quintet.” This is all happening at The Brandywine River Museum.

Please see Mrs. Uhl and Mrs. Clapp for details.

Attention all 8th-grade girls and boys basketball players: Don’t forget to turn in your permission slips and t-shirt order forms for the student-faculty basketball game to Mrs. MacNamara, Mrs. Bevan or Mrs. Clapp. If you have not turned yours in yet, please do so ASAP!

FCA will be meeting in Mr. Bowling’s room, B104, this Thursday at 6:50 am. All are welcome.

Attention all students and homeroom teachers: It’s time for a friendly homeroom competition!

Every two weeks we will announce the homerooms that have handed in 100% of student absence notes. Those homerooms have no students that owe any absence notes from that two week time. Those winning homerooms will get a ticket entered into a raffle for a future pizza party. They will also be the homerooms that won the two-week race, so they get bragging rights for the next two weeks as we watch them cross the finish line ahead of the rest of the school.

The KMS secret judges decided to count a warm-up race and announce what homerooms have come in the lead for the two weeks between February 3rd and February 14th. These homerooms had zero missing absence notes during that time, so congratulations to the following winning homerooms:

Mrs. Anderson

Mrs. Reeves

Mrs. Pye

Ms. Burton

Mrs. Warren

Mrs. Brenna

Mrs. Bevan

Mr. Faiss

Mrs. Coe

Mrs. Matthias

Mrs. Uster

You don’t get a ticket yet, but you can hold your hands up in celebration because you are the first group to come in the finish line before the race even started. So, to you and the rest of KMS, let’s get on the track and hand in our absence notes! We’ll see you next time with the next group of homeroom winners!

Here is today’s Black History Month fact, 1866 The “Black Codes” were passed by all white legislators of the former Confederate States. Congress passes the Civil Rights Act, conferring citizenship on African Americans and granting them equal rights to whites.

Students interested in participating on the track team this spring the meeting will be March 9th right after school. Pick up will be at 4 P.M. Dress to run. Practices will be held at Kennett Middle School this year and pickups will be at 4 PM daily except for meet days. You must be able to run for ten minutes consecutively. Start practicing now! Coach Hannah and Coach Luke For more information contact HannahChristopher@comcast.net

Have a great day KMS