Monday, March 9, 2020 Day 5

FCA will be meeting again this Thursday morning at 6:50 am in Mr. Bowling’s room, B104. Again, FCA will be meeting again this Thursday morning at 6:50 am in Mr. Bowling’s room, B104.

Attention all students who plan to try out for baseball, lacrosse, softball, or track – Mrs. Shannon updated the lists of 7th and 8th-grade students who are cleared for Spring Sports. The revised lists are posted outside of the cafeteria. If you’re planning to try out for any of these sports, make sure your name is listed and see Mrs. Shannon today if you still need sports physical or consent forms.

We had an absolutely awesome event Friday here at KMS. We had Liam Gately start us off playing the National Anthem on the violin. He is so talented. We had a pre-game show with ton of teachers and students dancing! Then we had a great basketball game in front of a packed gym. The students pulled out a win which never happens. Way to go students! Way to go KMS to have such a great turn out raising money to support Mrs. Reyonds the Mary D Lang Kindergarten center principal fighting her battle against breast cancer!

Congratulations to 8th graders Lexa Overman and Hayden Lyons who were selected as two of the top three 2020 Patriots Challenge Winners! Lexa and Hayden wrote pieces focusing on important African Americans who have influenced the formation of the United States.

In addition to a cash prize, their works will be read aloud on June 13, 2020, at a wreath-laying ceremony at the Patriots of African Descent Monument located in Valley Forge National Historical Park. They have both been invited to attend the event.

Congrats Lexa and Hayden!

Attention all students and homeroom teachers: THE RACE IS ON!!!

The KMS secret judges are looking at the track and they see a bigger group of winners than they did last time. The following homerooms won the race from February 17th to March 1st by handing in all of their absence notes from those two weeks. Each of these homerooms will get a ticket for the pizza party raffle.

A big congratulations go to the winning homerooms of:

Mrs. Trowbridge

Mrs. Anderson

Mr. Bowling

Mrs. Lozada

Mrs. Brenna

Mrs. McLaughlin

Mrs. Fellows

Ms. Burgette

Mr. Prestianne

Mrs. Leo

Mrs. Pye

Mrs. Reeves

Mrs. Warren

Mrs. Coe

Mrs. Bujak

Mrs. Uster

Mrs. Burton

Mrs. Orbon

Remember KMS, if you have to miss school, turn in your absence notes so your homeroom isn’t left in the dust!!!!! See you next time with the next group of winners!!!

If you want a reminder about sports tryouts they are all posted on the easel outside the main office. Check it out.

Now over to _______________ with the weather. How are the next few days looking?

Have a great day KMS