Spotlight on Fifth Grade Visits to KMS

For the last time, the fifth graders of Kennett Consolidated School District entered Kennett Middle School as three separate schools – New Garden Elementary, Bancroft Elementary, and Greenwood Elementary. The next time these students walk through the doors of the Kennett Middle School, they will be known as the newest sixth grade class and the Class of 2023! During the first week of May 2016, the current fifth grade students visited Kennett Middle School. They were welcomed by current Kennett Middle School students playing instruments and holding doors. After a delightful performance by the chorus, jazz band, and orchestra, they were introduced to the sixth grade teachers, counselors, and principals. Finally, current eighth grade students guided them through the building on an informational tour. Kennett Middle School is excited to welcome the Class of 2023! Below are some pictures of the 2016 Fifth Grade Visits.

5thgr15 5thgr14 5thgr13 5thgr12 5thgr11 5thgr10 5thgr9   5thgr65thgr7 5thgr5  5thgr1

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Seventh Grade Math Carnival Inspires Love for Math

This article was written by two awesome seventh grade students, Ashley Hoernig and McKenna Norton.

The Math Carnival has become an annual seventh grade tradition at the Kennett Middle School where the students are treated to a day full of fun and interactive math activities and games. The carnival was founded by Mrs. Gretchen Coe, a seventh grade science teacher at Kennett Middle School, and continues to be hosted by her every year. This carnival helps the students to prepare their minds for the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) Mathematics exam and to recall information that they may have forgotten with fun games rather than practice problems in a packet. It also helps to ensure that the students feel ready and are confident going into the test.

Although the Math Carnival began in 2004, many changes have occurred since then! For example, in the 2004 Carnival, math teachers held small game stations only in their classrooms with about five game stations per classroom with small prizes. The Carnival also only took half a day, instead of the full day that seventh graders today enjoy. In 2005, the entire seventh grade participated in 21 games total, instead of participating by classroom, and the event took the entire day. In 2006, students earned tickets to raffle for larger prizes. In this year’s Carnival, held on April 1, there were a total of 24 game stations and numerous prizes, including gift cards and large stuffed animals. Additionally, while the original event in 2004 only used 50 volunteers, this year relied on the help of 100 volunteers, 70 of which whom were high school students. One thing that has stayed the same, however: the motivation for this fun annual event!

Among all of the games at 2016’s Carnival, favorite games included a duck pond game and bean bag toss. In the duck pond game there was an inflatable pool filled with rubber ducks and students would use a net to catch up to five ducks. Using numbers written on the bottoms of the ducks, players had to order them from least to greatest and find the median, mode, range, and interquartile range.

During the bean bag game, students had to order numbers on the beanbags from least to greatest, but the numbers could be fractions, decimals, or whole numbers. After the numbers were ordered on the bean bags, the student had to throw them into cans set about three feet away.

The reward for playing these games was the many prizes available after the carnival. There were several different ways to win or “buy” prizes. Students could earn a blue ticket by participating in each station in the carnival, so at the end of the day a total of 24 blue tickets was possible. Students could use these blue tickets to “buy” smaller prizes like an inflatable beach ball or a homework pass. Students could also be awarded prizes by winning them through a raffle which had larger prizes like large stuffed animals or gift cards. To be awarded an orange ticket for the raffle, the volunteer running the particular game station could give as many tickets as they felt the students deserved. For example, if a student correctly answered the problem given, the volunteer could give an orange ticket that could be used in the large raffle at the end of the day. Overall, the math carnival has many important components to it that make it all happen in the end, like the volunteers giving up their time to help and people to bringing in money for the prizes.

Ever since its humble beginnings in 2004, the annual Kennett Middle School Math Carnival has been inspiring a love of learning and math in students. The founder, Mrs. Coe, believes that “math is definitely important … even outside of career options, a good foundation of math will help students with their everyday lives.” The Math Carnival has definitely inspired many seventh graders to pursue math more seriously and provide greater confidence going into the PSSA exams! The support from principals, teachers, parents, and volunteers to help increase our love of math and seventh graders’ performance on the PSSAs is definitely appreciated!

IMG_0898 IMG_0879 IMG_0900 IMG_0884 IMG_0878 IMG_5761 IMG_5762 IMG_5763 IMG_5764 IMG_5765

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Spotlight on Kennett PRIDE Tie-Dye Level Winners

The following students have earned 25 Kennett Squares for displaying the behaviors of Kennett PRIDE. They were awarded their Kennett PRIDE tie-dye wristbands by the three principals during one of their classes. Congratulations to the students and their families! We are so proud of you! We will continue to update this list as more students earn their 25 Kennett Squares. To learn more about Kennett PRIDE, go to

Sixth Grade:

Luke Augustine

Seventh Grade:

Carly Cicconi

Clara Garcia

Jimmy Romero

Eighth Grade:

Lauren Wilson

Gemma Morrison

Emily Taylor

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Spotlight on KMS Sixth Grade Student Luke Augustine

This year, Kennett Middle School has started a new PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) program called Kennett PRIDE. Students earn Kennett Squares from their teachers, principals, bus drivers, and staff. A Kennett Square is issued when a student displays one of the qualities of PRIDE (Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, Excellence) in one of the following areas: the classroom, the common areas, the cafeteria, at community events, or in communication.

Each time a student earns a Kennett Square, it is entered into our system. Once a student receives 5 Kennett Squares, he or she receives a white Kennett PRIDE wristband. If a student receives 15 Kennett Squares, his or her name is read is announced by the TV studio and he or she receives a blue Kennett PRIDE wristband. The third tier of Kennett Square recognition for when a student earns 25 Kennett Squares is an exclusive club. As of March 28, 2016, no student had yet achieved this awesome accomplishment.

But then, on March 29, 2016, the three Kennett Middle School principals burst into Mr. Phil Faiss’s 9th period Social Studies classroom to make a big announcement. Principal Mr. Lorenzo DeAngelis announced that sixth grade student Luke Augustine was the first Kennett Middle School student to receive 25 Kennett Squares! Mr. DeAngelis and Assistant Principals Mr. Jake Moore and Ms. Brenna Levi presented Luke with the coveted tie-dye Kennett PRIDE wristband.

The principals contacted Luke’s proud parents to congratulate them and also asked Luke to share his thoughts about Kennett PRIDE at Kennett Middle School.

Regarding Kennett PRIDE’s affect on the school culture, Luke says, it “motivates kids to be the best they can be” and “makes KMS a happier environment.” Luke says that he feels “proud and motivated to get more [Kennett Squares and wristbands].” Finally, Luke’s advice to his peers is “if you don’t get recognized for doing the right thing, just keep on doing it and you will.”

For more information about Kennett PRIDE at Kennett Middle School, please go our KMS PBIS Kennett PRIDE website.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016 – Mr. Faiss, Mr. DeAngelis, Luke Augustine, and Mr. Moore pose for a picture after Luke was just awarded his third level tie-dye Kennett PRIDE wristband for receiving 25 Kennett Squares.

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Spotlight on the KCSD #ALLIN Event at the Phillies Game


Kennett Middle School students, staff, and families, have you ever been to a Major League Baseball game? Have you ever seen a group of students sing the National Anthem before the game? Can you imagine if those students were from Kennett Middle School?

Well, batter up, because now is your chance! On May 21st, the Kennett Middle School Eighth Grade Chorus will be singing the National Anthem at the Phillies vs. Braves baseball game at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

All members of the Kennett Consolidated School District family are invited to join in the fun. All KCSD employees and students will receive a blue flyer/order form with the details of the game and how to order tickets.

Meet us at the ballpark! Go Phillies and Go Kennett!

Here is a link to the promo video:

KCSD #ALLIN Event at the Phillies Promo Video

Here is a link to the event website:

KCSD #ALLIN Event at the Phillies

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Spotlight on the Students vs. Faculty Basketball Game

The annual Kennett Middle School Students vs. Faculty Basketball Game was held on Friday night, March 4th at 7:00pm. Some of the highlights of the night included:

  • The cheerleading team rooted on all players during the game and performed a halftime routine.
  • A group of teachers performed an exciting dance routine before the game.
  • Members of the Kennett Middle School’s Treble Choir sang the National Anthem before the game.
  • Mrs. Donovan and members of the Yearbook Club, for whom the proceeds of the game benefit, snapped many action shots.
  • The 8th Grade Girls Basketball Team competed against the Female Faculty Team in the first and third quarters.
  • The 8th Grade Boys Basketball Team competed against the Male Faculty Team in the second and fourth quarters.
  • The Student Council sold tickets during lunches and at the door.
  • A few 8th grade students were chosen as the “color commentators.”
  • Many teachers volunteered their time selling tickets, doing crowd-control, and running the clock and scoreboard.
  • Superintendent Dr. Barry Tomasetti and Physical Education teacher Mr. Vince Cattano refereed the game.
  • In addition to Mr. Cattano’s refereeing skills, the rest of the Physical Education department was fully represented by Mrs. Matthews’ cartwheels and high-kicks, Mr. John Howanski’s monster dunks, Ms. Meghan Shumway’s dominating dribbling and defense, and Mr. Dan Augustine’s legendary jump shots and youthful, consistent performance.
  • Members and supporters of “Annie” the musical sold snacks during halftime.

Although the Faculty Team eked out the victory in the end, fun was had by all in this friendly yet competitive Kennett Middle School tradition. Special thanks to Language Arts teacher Mrs. Judy Jester and the Student Council Advisors, Language Arts teacher Mrs. Karen MacNamara, History teacher Mrs. Gina Bevan, and Art teacher Ms. Amanda Conner who organized the ever popular event.

Pictures coming soon!

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Spotlight on Spirit Week

This week at Kennett Middle School is Spirit Week! The culminating event will be the highly anticipated Students vs. Faculty Basketball Game on Friday, March 4, 2016 at 7:00pm. Tickets are $5 per individual or $10 per family. During Spirit Week, which is sponsored and organized by the Kennett Middle School Student Council, there is a special theme for each day.

Monday (2/29) – Happiness Day: Wear the brightest, happiest clothes that you can find in your closet. There will be a happiness-themed photo booth for students (and teachers!) at all lunches. Also, as a surprise for the students as they walked in this morning, teachers prepared happy quotes on Post-it Notes and put them on students’ lockers! This day was planned as an early celebration of International Happiness Day which is on March 20, 2016.

Tuesday (3/1) – Twin Day: Find a friend (or group of friends) to dress alike with today!

Wednesday (3/2) – Color Wars: Each grade has a different color – show your spirit by dressing in as much of your grade’s color as possible! sixth grade: blue, seventh grade: green, eight grade: black

Thursday (3/3) – Throwback Thursday: Reminisce about the past and dress up like you belong in your favorite decade (the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s!)

Friday (3/4) – Kennett Middle School Spirit: Show your Kennett Middle School pride by wearing Blue and White! And then join us at the Student-Faculty basketball game tonight!

In addition to each day having a theme, Kennett Middle School’s first ever Throwback Thrift Shop will be open for business during all lunches! The Throwback Thrift Shop offers jerseys, warm-ups, and uniforms from former Blue Demon sports teams for $1 per item or 6 items for $5.

16 1415 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

Post-It Notes on lockers

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Spotlight on Panamanian Teachers Visit

On Wednesday, February 10, 2016, twenty teachers from Panama came to visit and observe Kennett Middle School. They are in the United States taking classes at the University of Delaware in connection with the University of Panama. Amazed with the awesome things going on at Kennett Middle School, the teachers had a wonderful day talking to students and staff and sharing information about IMG_2797their schools in Panama. The teachers were even able to visit our one-of-a-kind after school activities during After-the-Bell. What a great experience for everyone involved!

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Spotlight on the KMS Treble Choir


We are so proud of our KMS Treble Choir! On Wednesday, February 17, 2016, the KMS Treble Choir, the director Mrs. Pattie Mancuso, and many KMS parents, traveled down to Liacouras Center.


The talented young ladies were chosen to sing the National Anthem at the Villanova vs. Temple basketball game. Congratulations, ladies! We are so proud of you!


The KMS Treble Choir is an audition-only choir that is made up of 7th and 8th grade girls. They meet before and after school to practice.



The 2015-2016 KMS Treble Choir members are Marvi Ali, Alondra Almanza, Britney Bautista, Daniella Bedolla, Dana Blake, Lilianne Braden, Anna Brunke, Giovanna Caccamo, Chayse D’Andrade, Alex Darlington, Lily Ehren, Genna Eisel, Rachel Eisman, Caroline Fiss, Collette Franck, Mackenzie Fulton, Sarah Funkhouser, Stephanny Gheen-Regouski, Shannon Gouge, Julia Haenn, Jennifer Hanson, Jaquelin Hernandez, Alondra Herrerra Esquivel, Allie Hodges, Soleil Jevtitch, Lauren Jowett, Julia Kelso, Milady Lagunas, Rebecca Larimer, Amina Larson, Christina Liu, Paige Lloyd, Kelsey Lucenius, Ella Masciulli, Isabella McLaughlin, Brianna Mendez, Katerina Murray, Anna Regester, Kennedy Ross, Catherine Seamon, Julia Snoke, Sophia Taylor, Julia Van Albert, Leah Wardwell, Josette Wynn, and Kayleigh Zubrod.

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