KMS Course Overviews:

These course overviews serve to provide students, parents, and stakeholders a brief overview of Kennett Middle School’s courses.

6th Grade Core Courses:

6th Grade Marking Period Cycles Courses:

6th Grade Year-Long Cycles Courses:

7th Grade Core Courses:

7th Grade Marking Period Cycles Courses:

7th Grade Year-Long Cycles Courses:

8th Grade Core Courses:

8th Grade Specialized Cycles (80 minutes, students choose 3 to have on a 3-day rotation)

English Language Development (ELD):

What I Need (WIN) Program:

World Languages (Available in 8th Grade):

Library & Literacy Recourses:

  • Library Website

Kennett Middle School 2021-2022 Course Placement:

KMS utilizes the following data points to best determine course placements for all students.

  • Teacher/Case Manager Input
  • Subject area Benchmark Exams
  • Algebra Readiness Exam
  • Course Final Grades

End of July/Early August: We will make preliminary schedules available on Skyward. Students and families will have access to see their course placements. Please note that we are still placing students into sections so teacher assignments or periods will not be available when preliminary schedules are released.

Mid-August: We will publish schedules with teacher names and periods on Skyward; we will send an email to tell everyone that this feature has been activated.